Landscape and settlement patterns in Lapurdi

The geographical analysis of the landscape of Lapurdi is approached at three levels perfectly defined in the high mountains (Garazi…), and which slip away southwards towards the ocean, along the axis of the Pyrenean mountain. The typical landscape of Sara and surroundings shapes up as follows: 1) summer pastures and huts for shepherds (etxolak) on … More Landscape and settlement patterns in Lapurdi

Children’s games update

Etniker Euskalerria Groups and Labayru Fundazioa together published in 1993 an extensive volume dedicated to children’s games in the Basque Country, featuring approximately a thousand pastimes. The work had a great reception, particularly among teachers and sportspeople, which led to a second edition in 2005. Besides, and due to the vast amount of information and … More Children’s games update

Wild mushrooms in the cultural landscape of the Pyrenees

Before permanently settling down, a nomadic hunter-gatherer system of living and working prevailed in many communities. In the Pyrenees seasonal migratory movement of transhumant herders with their livestock from the bottom of the valleys to mountain heights and from there to the banks of Ebro River still remains as a fading vestige of a former … More Wild mushrooms in the cultural landscape of the Pyrenees

‘Sasi-ardia’: a semi-feral breed of sheep

Sheep-breeding was in full swing in the last decades of the 19th century. A newly created Ministry of Agriculture was responsible for developing the sector. It was then that the identification of local breeds started. Although by the beginning of the 20th century a large portion of the summer pastures in Lapurdi had fallen into … More ‘Sasi-ardia’: a semi-feral breed of sheep