Presages of death

Presages traditionally perceived as indicators of imminent death of a person are superstitious in nature. The most widespread portents are related to animals, domestic animals generally, such as the house dog or the cock, some featuring nocturnal raptors and corvids. The howl of the dog is pretty much the best-known omen of death. If a … More Presages of death

Middle-mountain settlements in Zuberoa

Bordaldea (pronounced bordaltia in Zuberoa) refers to a prevailing type of settlement established for livestock farming on so-called syndic land, according to the 1838 Ordinance, replaced by the Mountain Law in 1985. An integral part of the Pyrenean farmstead on middle-mountain steep grassland, loft and stables double the size of the house itself. It is … More Middle-mountain settlements in Zuberoa

Traditional laundry and ironing of clothes

The washing machine has been widely believed by housewives to be the most important invention of all devices meant to improve the quality of life in households. Until washing machines emerged and its use spread, things were very different. White and coloured clothing were laundered separately, whites less frequently than darker fabrics. In the old … More Traditional laundry and ironing of clothes

Log beekeeping in the Valley of Carranza (Bizkaia)

The log hive, known locally as cepo, has since time immemorial and until barely a few decades ago been the ideal place to site a bee colony for beekeeping in Valley of Carranza apiaries. Fixed in a vertical position as tradition dictates, this type of hive consisted of a dead or hollowed-out tree trunk on … More Log beekeeping in the Valley of Carranza (Bizkaia)

Basque ancestry of the painter Francisco de Goya

Francisco de Goya (Fuendetodos, 1746) descended from Basque ancestry, as is widely known, Manuel Laborde being who first detailed the painter’s genealogical data. Subsequent studies have added to this initial contribution. Goya is one of many Basque surnames largely widespread throughout the geography of Euskal Herria and Latin American countries. The surname Goya achieved worldwide … More Basque ancestry of the painter Francisco de Goya

Resolution of family disputes through mediation

There is a growing acceptance of mediation by couples experiencing conflict in their relationship or over child custody, and arbitration agreements between consumers and businesses, as alternative methods of dispute resolution today. They may likewise be attempted in many other instances before legal action is sought. As a matter of fact, mediation was formerly a … More Resolution of family disputes through mediation

Wine grapes: harvesting vs picking

As with students at their course-end exams, grape harvest is for Rioja Alavesa winegrowers the litmus test after a year of diligent care of the vineyards: vine pruning, ploughing and reploughing of vines and vineyard rows, crop thinning and weeding, phytosanitary treatments against insects and the dreaded downy mildew and powdery mildew, shoot tipping, offshoot … More Wine grapes: harvesting vs picking