A bride’s trousseau

The most common current matrimonial regimes for couples who choose to marry include among others community property and separation of property. In the old days the transfer of parental property to a daughter at her marriage and the assembling of her trousseau was an issue of particular concern to the bride-to-be. The dowry or dote … More A bride’s trousseau

Dance of dancers

  The region of Durango in Bizkaia is home to countless traditions. An example is the set of dances known as Dantzari-dantzea, literally “Dance of dancers”. They are executed by eight dancers to the sound of the txistu at village, neighbourhood and brotherhood celebrations. Already in 1881 Humboldt, the German naturalist, mentioned it in one … More Dance of dancers

Shouting for joy

Today smileys and pictograms are used in text messaging on mobile phones to express emotions such as joy, grief, surprise or disappointment, but in former times, when emojis did not exist, shouting was a popular form of communication. In San Martín de Unx (Navarre) such a shout, a compromise between a neigh and the expression … More Shouting for joy


Let us elaborate on the subject of godparenthood as an institution for Christian children who receive baptism. We are not concerned here with the protection provided by one individual (the godfather) to another, which has obtained such a great media impact following the publication of the novel by Mario Puzzo and the film series directed … More Godparenthood